A Word From Stokely

A good afternoon everyone!  Well as you know, at the end of every single season we have to do a little house cleaning, thus is what we call Black Saturday.  But this time around, we’re not going to be doing a full cleaning in the company.  In fact….we might sweep some things under the rug sorta speak.

Now first, we do need to let some things go, and although they might be precious to everyone, unfortunately they were just sitting around for months.  So with that being said, the following people have been released from their DRWF contracts and are back up on Free Agency.

Lio Rush
Minoru Suzuki
Naomichi Marufuji
Stan Hansen
Faye Jackson
Hikaru Shida
Lindsay Snow

Now the list is a lot smaller than it originally was.  Why?  Because there are people I have possibly deserve a second chance.  And around here, we believe in second chances.  You the audience won’t know who they are, BUT if they don’t pull their weight during this season, they will get a very sad….Christmas gift sorta speak come December.

But that my friends is that!  Season 5 of the DRWF starts this coming Wednesday night with DRWF Rage!  THE BEGINNING OF THE FORBIDDEN 16!  Hope you all will join us this Wednesday night at 8pm eastern!