Atticus Cogar Reinstated

So what a freaky turn of events we have experienced here this week. Really ever since Winter Warfare last month. Let’s recap you on everything that happend.

During the Winter Warfare Battle Royal, we found out that Atticus Cogar had drawn number 1. He would then be eliminated pretty early on. But then, when that lucky number 30 appeared….here came Atticus again. Everyone was like “what in the world happened!?!”. A few days later, we would find out that he had ambushed Akira and taken his spot at number 30. Thus of course, causing our match up between Akira Vs TAM Nakano at Apex of Power to see who would get the number 1 contender slot.

In other news, Syuri’s Island had been overtaken by the Feds for some illegal gambling and other stuff going on within the island. No other word has been said about it, BUT we do know that the DRWF Chaos Championship has not been defended since the takeover from the Feds. Nick Gage has been furious about not being able to defend the title. Sources tell us that Nick Gage originally offered to wrestle Akira for the championship, but Stokely nipped that in the bud because he wanted Akira and/or TAM to earn their shot at a title. So then Gage DEMANDED that he take on Atticus Cogar. Stokely being the “tough man” that he is, stood up to Nick Gage and told him….YOU GOT IT!

So now, at Apex of Power, we will be witness Nick Gage Vs Atticus Cogar for the DRWF Chaos Championship! Could this entire thing have been apart of Atticus’ plan since he’s had almost 2 months to rest? Or is Nick Gage rested up enough to take him out on his own as well?

Find out who will leave with the gold this coming Sunday at on APEX OF POWER!