Black Saturday…Part 1

Good morning everyone!  Well, the day has come for us to unfortunately analyze our budget and well….do some spring cleaning.  And with that being said, we have got the largest amount of budget cuts that we’ve had to make since the beginning of the DRWF. And because of that, we have to do this in 3 parts.

Here are the first round of budget cuts.

The DRWF has come to terms with….

Alex Kane
Alex Zayne
Chris Bey
Chris Dickinson
Dan Maff
Danshoku Dino
Davey Richards
El Phantasmo

Bea Priestley
Britt Baker
Jessicka Havok
Mayu Iwatani
Mercedes Martinez
Miyu Yamashita

Abdullah Kobayashi
AR Fox
G Raver
John Wayne Murdoch
Killer Kross
Low Life Louie

We would like to wish everyone well (outside of G Raver) well in their future endeavors.

More coming later this afternoon.