Wednesday October 6th, The DRWF launched their second annual FORBIDDEN 16 TOURNAMENT, one of Pro Wrestling’s toughest round robin styled tournaments. There’s no beating around the bush here folks, the F16 makes the G1, the N-1, and the Battle of Las Angeles look like the greater Oakland Roller Derby Finals. This is not for the weak at heart bubba, Sixteen of the toughest combatants from around the world are vying for a shot at Wrestling’s biggest prize. A shot at the DRWF ETERNAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Current Champion TOMOHIRO ISHII has been monitoring the event with a sort of awe inspiring intensity.

“These men are in for the toughest challenge of their lives,” ISHII stated, “I was a competitor in the inaugural tournament, and the best I was able to do is 6 points. But that was last year, and this year the idea of having 16 hungry predators trying to turn me into prey, that’s motivating. I worked too hard to capture this ETERNAL CHAMPIONSHIP, and I don’t plan on dropping this Title without a fight! So I’ll be watching!”

Indeed. And this years F16 will be quite the test for these competitors. Out of Sixteen competitors, Six of them competed in SURVIVAL OF THE THICCEST. Those names being CALVIN TANKMAN, KEITH LEE, MONSTA MACK, DAISUKE SEKIMOTO, POWERHOUSE HOBBS and WALTER. EDDIE KINGSTON, competed in the ICE GAMES earlier this year, and both SHO, and WILL OSPREAY not only competed in the original F16, but both were featured in the SOVERIGN CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT, along side TAKASHI SUGIURA and PAC. MATT SYDAL and JAY WHITE have also competed for the ETERNAL CHAMPIONSHIP in the past. SHANE STRICKLAND, YAMATO and ANDRADE El IDOLO, are mostly untested in a DRWF tournament landscape, but have the clout to hold their own in the F16. This is an Elite group of Combatants to say the very least.

The first week of the tournament has proven to be somewhat chaotic in nature. In the BRIMSTONE BLOCK (a.k.a THE BEEFSTONE BLOCK) the combatants proved that size really does matter. In the opening rounds, the LAW OF THE JUNGLE was heir apparent, as the larger competitors dispatched their smaller prey. CALVIN TANKMAN made mince meat of last years F16 Finalist, UNLIMITED’s own WILL OSPREAY. KEITH LEE followed in suit by taking the UNGOVERNABLE’s MATT SYDAL to task and getting his first F16 win. DAISUKE SEKIMOTO was able to get the better of THE BASTARD PAC, in a competitive match that quite personally, could have gone either way. And in the MAIN, MONSTA MACK, a SURVIVAL OF THE THICCEST Finalist, continued his run of domination by dispatching POWERHOUSE HOBBS.

Over on the HELLFIRE BLOCK (a.k.a HEELFIRE BLOCK), controversy was name of the game. In the opening contest, PUROKAMPF’s RING GENERAL WALTER, took EDDIE KINGSTON to task, choking him out to score two points, and his first F16 win. Returning F16 competitor SHO, debuted a new look and was able to take THE KILLING MACHINE down with THE SHOCK ARROW, handing TAKASHI SUGIURA his first loss in the tournament. ANDRADE EL IDOLO was able to get the victory over YAMATO with swagger and grace, not only giving himself a big first win, but becoming the first member of the UNGOVERNABLES to secure a win in the F16. Post match SHO, came out to quite literally, kick his former TENKEYOHO-GUN stable mate, YAMATO, while he was down. And in the main event, the SWERVE of all SWERVES took place. SHANE STRICKLAND took on UNLIMITED’s JAY WHITE. Mid match, MOOSE came down to the ring, seemingly to help his UNLIMITED brother, only to allign himself with SHANE STRICKLAND and cost JAY WHITE in the opening round of the tournament. Former General Manager KM was on the scene to announce that MOOSE’s tenure with UNLIMITED is no more, and he announced the birth of a new Entity. DOMINION.

This first weeks actions have left the fans stunned. This is only the first week and already battle lines have been drawn. Over the next several weeks these men will be put to the test. You’re not going to want to miss a second of the action. Only one of these men can face TOMOHIRO ISHII for the ETERNAL CHAMPIONSHIP, and if I’m being frank, ISHII has the easy job. He just needs to sit back and watch the carnage and face whoever survives. Get ready for the storm, because the clouds in the distance look very menacing. Until next time.