Another week in the books. This week’s coverage of the DRWF is has made me realize one crucial thing about myself. I am a notoriously poor gambler. During the BRIMESTONE BLOCK I was able to take this weeks advance for this piece and triple my efforts. Took a longshot bet on SYDAL and MOMO WATANABE. So I was a little cocky rolling into OVERLOAD this week, where I basically bet the family farm back in Colorado on KENNY OMEGA. I couldnt roll into FRIDAY NIGHT DRIVE completely broke, so I sold ROLEX to DRWF GENERAL MANAGER STOKELY HATHAWAY, and proceeded to most of the money on THE UNGOVERNABLES. But not all was lost however, as I was able to procure a small interview with STOKELY to discuss last week’s referee crisis.

“I was appalled after DRIVE went off the air,” STOKELY began, “ I don’t know what kind of crap those ref’s were trying to pull, but something had to be done. I reached out to the union head and he basically told me to pound sand or take the risk of a strike. So I got the lawyers involved and we were able to discover that they had broken their contract. So we sent them packing. I mean don’t get me wrong, the WRESTLE PARADE crew saved me behind on this one. They’re a temporary fix, and I appreciate them for it, but I need to find new officials. I put DANHAUSEN in charge of looking through the applications, and that’s going as well as you’d assume. I need help here man! I got YOUNG BOYS not doing their job, I got refs messing everything up, and I have a bunch of thugs in this company trying to tear down the foundation of this place.” STOKELY went on to discuss the F16, “I would love to see WALTER and TANKMAN face off in the end. Those guys are killing it so far!”

Indeed. The BRIMSTONE this week was full of surprises. MATT SYDAL, after getting beat in record time WEEK 2, was able to capture his first win in the tournament, putting away DAISUKE SEKIMOTO. CALVIN TANKMAN continued his week by facing off against former tag partner POWERHOUSE HOBBS. HOBBS put forth a valiant effort but was not strong enough to topple TANKMAN’s monstrous momentum and remains win less in the tournament. KEITH LEE was finally able to get the better of MONSTA MACK, after MACK embarrassed him in brutal contest last season. In the MAIN EVENT, WILL OSPREAY, hot off his RECORD BREAKING 20th VICTORY in the company, took on THE BASTARD PAC, and not only secured the victory, but his 21st win as well in the process. The Block Currently stands with TANKMAN on top with 6 POINTS OSPREAY, LEE and SEKIMOTO with 4 POINTS. SYDAL, MACK and PAC with 2 points, and HOBBS pulling up there rear with ZERO.

In the HELLFIRE BLOCK the action continued. YAMATO and JAY WHITE opened the block with what some are calling an all time classic. YAMATO was able to come back after falling victim to 4 BLADE RUNNERS to put the SWITCHBLADE down and capture his first win in the tournament. ANDRADE El IDOLO and EDDIE KINGSTON did not disappoint either, as ANDRADE put KINGSTON down to capture the 2nd straight win for the UNGOVERNABLE’s in tournament action. WALTER didn’t change anything in his match with TAKASHI SUGIURA, which saw the RING GENERAL picking up his third straight victory. In the main event SHANE STRICKLAND was able to halt the momentum of SHO, who after the loss was seen backstage assaulting several YOUNG BOYS, as well as several backstage staff. As the block stands, WALTER is leading with 6 points. ANDRADE, STICKLAND and SHO with 4 points. YAMATO and KINGSTON with 2, and JAY WHITE with ZERO.

Next week the F16 moves onto its 4th week, with most combatants already feeling the fatigue from this grueling tournament. We still have several weeks of action to go and there is no sign of things slowing down. We know that the ETERNAL CHAMPION TOMOHIRO ISHII must be monitoring this tournament like a hawk, because he is going to have to face off with one of these 16 competitors at the end of this season. And with the Blocks beginning to shift, this is still anyone’s chance to snatch the ultimate opportunity. I for one will attempt to not blow the whole weeks budget making foolish bets, but as they say “Anything can happen in the DRWF”. Until Next Time.