DRWF Rage Episode 42 Preview!

Week 2 of DRWF Season 5 is about to get ready to start off with A BANG!  Lots of intense action on the way, so with that being said, let’s get into the nitty gritty!

The Forbidden 16 continues this week with more from the Brimstone Block!  Last week on Rage, we saw Calvin Tankman pick up an INSANE win over Will Ospreay, literally yeeting him into the crowd with the most vicious pounce we had ever seen in this entire company!  Keith Lee, defeating LAST YEARS FINALIST is still one of the most shocking moments that we had seen with the DRWF!  With that win, that damn near made Calvin Tankman already look like the favorite.  But then we saw Keith Lee manhandle Matt Sydal like he was a little child.  Tossing him around, and giving him a Spirit Bomb that could’ve destroyed an entire planet!  Keith Lee is looking strong in this tournament as well.  But then we also saw Daisuke Sekimoto defeat PAC, and then in an extremely hard hitting main event, we saw Monsta Mack defeat Powerhouse Hobbs!  Let’s just say, the Beefstone Block is looking extra crazy right now!

Tonight though, we have some wild matches in store for you from this block!  The 2 beasts from last week switch opponents around as we have Keith Lee taking on Will Ospreay, and then Clavin Tankman taking on Matt Sydal!  We also have PAC taking on Powerhouse Hobbs, and then Daisuke Sekimoto Vs Monsta Mack where one of those 2 men could very well take the lead!  The Brimstone Block is lookin really nice tonight so you DO NOT want to miss any of the action tonight at 8pm eastern!

Outside of the Forbidden 16, we have ourselves a womens triple threat match that features Rhea Ripley, Trish Adora and Shoko Nakajima!  Now both Trish Adora and Shoko Nakajima are coming off of recent loses, while the last time we saw Rhea Ripley she was coming off with a win over Mercedes Martinez!  Trish is definitely frustrated after her loss at Syuri’s Underground, and Shoko being all alone now after the split up of the Joshi Muskateers has her eyes on becoming a top singles competitor now!  This is definitely going to be a match to watch right here.

We also have Britt Baker in action as she’ll be taking on Mayu Iwatani!  Now this will be the first match Britt has had since defeating Candice LeRae at Life or Death which made Candice become her assistant.  We have heard that Candice will be forced to be at ringside with Britt tonight.  Will Britt be able to keep her focus off of Candice tonight and keep it on Mayu…or could Candice screw Britt over and Mayu take advantage of the distraction to pick up that well needed W!

This and so much more action happening tonight on Rage!  Be sure to tune in at watchdrwf.com and catch all of the excitement tonight at 8pm eastern!  This is going to be an episode that you DO NOT want to miss!