DRWF Rage Episode 43 Preview!

EVERYBODY! The Forbidden 16 continues tonight with week 3 of the Forbidden 16, and boy things are about to get real here tonight!

The Brimstone Block is looking absolutely WILD right now especially points wise. Currently we have Calvin Tankman and Daisuke Sekimoto leading the pack right now as both are currently tied at 4 points each! We then have a 4 way tie for second place as we have Keith Lee, Monsta Mack, PAC and Will Ospreay all tied at 2 points. And then finally tied at the bottom with a big ol Goose Egg is Matt Sydal and Powerhouse Hobbs.

Tonight might not be a good look on either Hobbs or Sydal as both of them are taking on the 2 that are in the lead, as we have Sydal getting ready to take on Daisuke Sekimoto. And then Powerhouse Hobbs taking on his former partner, Calvin Tankman! Could we see some major upsets in those matches, or will Sekimoto and Tankman continue their reign of terror in the Brimstone Block.

And then to break the ties, we have Monsta Mack taking on Keith Lee and in our main event tonight we have the battle of the high flyers as we have PAC taking on Will Ospreay! So much action taking place here tonight on DRWF Rage that you DO NOT want to miss!

Also tonight on Rage, we have a lot of other action in store for you such as a big triple threat match with Dragon Dia Vs Ortiz Vs Master Wato! Now Wato has had a lot on his place recently. With SHO turning his back on Tenkyoho-Gun, YAMATO forcing him to make a decision between him and SHO, worrying about Okada’s safety, and so much more. Will Wato be able to focus on the match tonight, or will this match really be in the hands of Dia or Ortiz?

This and so much more happening right here tonight on DRWF Rage! Be sure to join us tonight at 8pm eastern time on watchdrwf.com!