DRWF Rage Episode 44 Preview!

DRWF Rage is later tonight and boy do we have a crazy line up in store for you tonight!

First and foremost, we have GOT to discuss the Forbidden 16! Tonight officially marks the halfway point of the Brimstone Block of the F16 and it’s absolutely insane that those words were even typed up just now. It really doesn’t feel like we’re on the hump of the wildest round robin tournament in wrestling, but the fact of the matter is that after this week, we have 3 weeks left until we determine a winner of the Brimstone Block and the Hellfire Block!

Heavyweight Hustle, Calvin Tankman is currently in the lead with 6 points, but Daisuke Sekimoto, Keith Lee and Will Ospreay are just right behind him. Tonight Calvin Tankman goes head to head with Daisuke Sekimoto in our main event! Just last week, Daisuke had his first loss in the tournament as he took his first L to Matt Sydal. While Calvin Tankman is still currently undefeated, Daisuke is no one to look past. What will happen when Daisuke and Calvin Tankman collide head to head in this epic Beefstone Block main event!

We also have Keith Lee taking on PAC, Will Ospreay taking on Powerhouse Hobbs, and Monsta Mack taking on Matt Sydal! Currently, Powerhouse Hobbs is at a big fat goose egg currently. And right now it’s not looking good for him as he’s taking on Ospreay who has become the first wrestler in DRWF history to win 20 matches! So things aren’t looking good at all for Hobbs. But the Brimstone Block has been full of surprises, so anything could happen!

Also tonight, we have Ivelisse taking on Yuka Sakazaki! Now we saw just a few weeks ago, Rina take on Mei Suruga where Ivelisse got involved to help her “child”, but then out of nowhere came Yuka Sakazaki! Yuka has been very different since the split of the Joshi Muskateers, but looks like she might’ve found her new friend with Mei Suruga! Tonight Yuka tries to get revenge on Mei’s attack by going head to head with Ivelisse. Tune in tonight to see what happens!

This and SO MUCH MORE tonight on DRWF Rage! Be sure to join us at 8pm eastern time on watchdrwf.com to see all of this wild action! And remember to come at least 10 minutes ahead of time as you never know what’s going to happen at the beginning of the show! Don’t miss 1 second of the action!