Injury Report after Overload

Tonights special episode of DRWF Overload was absolutely insane tonight with amazing matches throughout the night. Unfortunately the second half of the show….there were enough injuries to almost make a Darkside of the Ring episode with this. But thankfully, most of the injuries weren’t as bad as we were thinking.

We started off the second half of Overload with Natsuko Tora decimating Tay Conti. Tay had the upperhand in the match for the most part, but then Natsuko came into the ring and blasted Tay with a bundle of light tubes. We were worried that some glass had went into her eye, but fortunately we did find out that none of it went in. She did get a deep gash above her eye that caused her to have to get stitches so she is going to be fine.

Next during Takumi Iroha Vs Mayu Iwatani, Mayu was dropped hard on the back of her neck knocking her unconscious for Takumi to get the win. We were all worried at first, but we did get word that Mayu is doing just fine. Just had her head rocked just a little bit.

Then during AJ Gray and Orin Veidt, we saw AJ Gray take multiple shots to the head, get cut all over the place. Took multiple Gotch Style piledrivers from Orin Veidt on the floor, but of course at the end AJ Gray would get the win. Gray refused to get medical attention after the match, but we know he’s a tough sonuva bitch.

And then, the shocking moment that no one saw coming as so many people bet on Meiko Satomura to win this match up.

During this match up, Trish Adora had lifted up Meiko Satomura and dropped her on her back. But it was noticed that Trish had her thumb on Meiko’s face when she dropped her, thus breaking Meiko’s orbital bone. Meiko kicked out, but then after an elbow to the back of her head the referee deemed her unable to compete thus giving Trish Adora the win! We have no idea how long Meiko will be out for. We’ll give you an update as soon as we hear from the specialist.

We tried to get word with Trish Adora after the match, but she wouldn’t speak with anyone.

Tonights episode of Overload was too much, but the fans absolutely loved every second of it. Everyone that got injured, we wish you all a speedy recover and hope you come back stronger than ever!