Join In On The Fun

What’s up everyone! Glad to see that you are interested in taking part in the Death Row Wrestling Federation! Here you will see all of the information that is needed for you to be all that you can be in the DRWF! Open the tabs below to see how you can get involved!

Now before you claim your wrestler, you’re probably wondering, who is currently available that I can choose? Well first thing you need to do is check out our Free Agents list! You can do so by clicking the button below.

Let’s get started with the main portion of this, and this is claiming your wrestler. Claim your wrestlers using the form below! You can claim 1 man, 1 woman, and 1 death match wrestler to sponsor!  View the free agents in the tab above by clicking the button, and then fill out the form below.

In between seasons of the DRWF, you get 10 days to exchange your wrestler if you’re not liking the route that is going on with your current talent. There are certain wrestlers that are not eligible to be exchanged such as champions and those that we have involved in major storylines. But sadly, if creative currently has nothing for you, then you are more than willing to exchange your talent.

To do so, first you can mention that you want to exchange in the Discord under General Discussion. Or you can exchange by sending in a message on the contact form.


You can build your loyalty points up by doing the following.

Note: points = !money in stream chat.

New Follow: Gain 1000 points when you FIRST follow. This will help boost you to start betting immediately. With us being on the new twitch channel (

), everyone will start out with this.

Watching Every DRWF Stream: Gain 100 points with every 10 minutes that you are watching the stream. . Lurking will also help build those points, so even if you’re doing other things, just having a browser window open with the stream up will add those points for you!
Note: With DRWF being on a completely new channel, points will only be accumulated by being at DRWF streams moving forward! So to help add extra points, I highly suggest roleplaying/post match interviews and tweets as they will now be counted separately. More down below.

Raiding: Receive 1000 points for raiding the channel on Twitch (if you stream, sending the love over to us when you’re done)! As long as you bring people over to the stream, this will count for you!

Roleplaying, Post Match Interviews and Twitter: The roleplay system has been a corner stone of the DRWF since the beginning, but I think it’s time to revamp the way we do things. A lot of people have “TWITTER FINGERS”. There is nothing wrong with this, but for those who decide to go the extra mile, we think you should be rewarded. Long story ROLEPLAYS will count more then a TWEET now. So brush off the spellcheck and lets get creative! Regular Post Match Interviews or Long form story will fetch you 10000 points by weeks end and 5K per character tweet. EXAMPLE: You could tweet as EL DANDY and MOLLY HOLLY, but that would be the same point value for one story or “segment”. So if you do a long form story as well as a character tweet per character, you could get a maximum of 25000 points a week! All of this is done in our Discord which you can visit by clicking this link.

Gambling: Making sure you bet during each match. Now you win some, you lose some. But you live to fight another day! As of season 4, minimum bet will now be 100 points. Max bet is still 100,000

Subscribing/Gift Subs: With the new channel not being a Twitch Affiliate channel, this will no longer be a thing. If things change, patch notes will be updated.

Cheering: With the new channel not being a Twitch Affiliate channel, this will no longer be a thing. If things change, patch notes will be updated.

Donating: Donations receive 50 points every dollar donated.

And of course you get points if your wrestler is in the match as well as if they win(normally given after the stream).
-If you wrestle, you get 1000 points.
-If you win, you get an additional 4000 points. Total being 5000 points.
-Champions receive 6000 points for a successful title defense, total being 7000 points.
-New champion crowned will receive 9000 points, total being 10000 points.

Near Falls: With your matches, every 2.9 during a match is 1000 points added to each wrestler that’s in the match. So regardless if you wrestler loses, you could still end up with a lot of points depending on the near falls.

Whoever has the most points at the end(this time will be by September 21st, 2022)will receive $50 via PayPal!

To view where you are currently ranked, you can either use !money in chat. Or you can click the link below to view your rank.

Black Saturday is something we do at the end of every single season when we trim off the roster.  The way that you lose your wrestler is if we see that you haven’t come to any streams for the entire season.

If we see that you haven’t participated at all by the half way point of the season, you’ll first be moved to the jobber section.  If you do show up during the season when your character is on the jobber list, then they’ll be back to the main roster.  But if you don’t show up by the end of the season, then your wrestler will be completely released.  Note that we can tell if you’ve been by a stream if you have in the hundreds of points due to get 100 or 200 points for every 10 minutes that you’re in the stream.

Another way to save your wrestler(especially if you don’t have time to come to the streams)is at the very least roleplaying in the discord.  By doing a simple tweet (using tweetgen), or anything that shows that you’re still active in some way shape or form, your wrestler will be used and saved from being added to the jobber list or being ultimately released.

If you have more questions or would like to be more involved with the community, them feel free to visit our Discord and get involved. We are here to help you out when needed! Plus you can come roleplay to build up your character and hang out with the community!

Click the button below to join the DRWF Discord!